Line Driver / Buffer

... improves, buffers, distributes your digital signals.

Our Line Driver / Buffer can be a very helpful tool for all kinds of applications involving digital signals.
Imagine you ...
... have an output, that can't drive high current loads, use it to buffer the output.
... need to drive a long cable/50 Ω transmission line, use it as a line driver.
... have a signal generator with a slow rise time, use it to improve the rise time.


  TTL compatible input and output
  50 Ω or high impedance input
  50 Ω impedance output
  LED indicator for high/low level
  BNC connectors
  Power supply via DC jack (7 - 12 V)


  Output current ±64 mA
  Output rise/fall time < 2.5 ns


  Driving long lines
  Driving 50 Ω loads
  Improving rise/fall times
  Signal buffering and distribution