Multifunction Data Acquisition (DAQ)

The multifunction data acquisition system UEIO900 allows to connect a variety of devises, requiring digital or analog control signals, to a computer. Using the feature rich digital signal generation, the UEIO900 can provide the timing for measurement sequences. Via the SPI and I2C compatible interfaces the user can connect additional hardware, expanding the capabilities of the device.


  SPI compatible interface
  I2C compatible interface
  UART interface
  Selectable IO voltage level (3.3 V, 5 V or external)
  Power supply via USB or DC jack (4 - 18 V)
  PC interface via USB (VCP) or Ethernet (Telnet)


  44 digital IO channels
  8 channels 42 MHz PWM
  16 channels 21 MHz Pulse Pattern
  Four 32-bit counter (40MHz)
  Three 12-bit ADCs
  Two 12-bit DACs
  Internal 2.5 V voltage reference