Stepper Motor Controller

... and you have the hang of it.

Take the advantages of the innovative design of the LK-Instruments Stepper Motor Controller series and explore the simultaneous remote and manual usability. Beside the comfortable manual user interface, which empowers you to check and adjust your optics right at your experimental setup, the Stepper Motor Controller series provides a simple but fully-featured virtual COM port interface for a complete automation of your experimental setup.
The abundance of software interfaces and demo programs lets you start today.

The Stepper Motor Controllers are available in a two- and a four-channel version. An upgrade from the two-channel to the four-channel version is always possible.


  Suitable for LK-Instruments and 3rd party motors/stages
  Easy and intuitive manual user interface
  Well readable OLED display
  Full-featured remote interface
  Automatic motor detection
  Automatic position calibration
  Free software interfaces for common programming languages


  Two or four channels for bipolar stepper motors
  Up to 2.5 A of output current
  24 V operating voltage
  Up to 1/32 microstepping
  Three inputs for limit/home switches


  Polarization adjustment
  Mirror adjustment