Laser Diode Driver

... customized to your needs.

This laser diode driver combines a constant current source and a collimation tube with adjustable focus in one compact package. It is suitable for a variety of different laser diodes in ⌀5.6 mm and ⌀9 mm TO packages. Even blue laser diodes, requiring a high forward voltage, are compatible, since the operating voltage can be as high as 12 V.
Mounting with standard optic mounts can easily be achieved, because of the outer diameter of 25.4 mm. It can even be mounted to kinematic mounts, which can save you one steering mirror and hence simplifying your optical setup.
The laser diode driver is not only capable of continuous wave (CW) but also pulsed operation with fast rise and fall time. Therefore it can be used for applications requiring short and precise laser pulses without any additional pulse shaping, like acousto-optic modulator (AOM) or electro-optic modulator (EOM), further simplifying your optical setup.


  Adjustable focus
  Compatible with laser diodes in ⌀5.6 mm and ⌀9 mm TO packages
  Build in constant current source
  Laser current adjustable via analog voltage or variable resistor
  Modulation signal input via SMA connector


  Rise time < 10 ns
  Adjustable laser diode current (0 - 500 mA)
  Operating voltage 3 - 12 V
  50 Ω terminated TTL input for modulation signal


  Alignment Laser
  Polarization Experiments
  Confocal Microscopy
  Direct laser writing