Amplified Photodiode Kit

With this photodiode kit we provide you an easy to use and efficient tool for a variety of applications. Since the gain of the integrated amplifier can be modified, it is straightforward to customize it to suit your needs.
For maximum flexibility the photodiode can either be powered by an external power source via the DC jack or using coin cell batteries. To increase battery life, if present, the external power source is automatically selected. Due to the wide range of accepted supply voltages, different output voltage swings are possible.
The kit comes with SMD parts assembled. So only the through-hole components need to be soldered by the user. Using the included mounting bracket, the photodiode can be mounted to a post with the connectors either facing upwards or sidewards.
An adapter with an internal SM1 thread, that allows mounting of filters or other optical elements right in front of the photodiode, is available as an accessory.


  Voltage responsivity adjustable via feedback resistor
  Power supply via DC jack (3 - 20 V) or coin cell battery (3 - 12 V)
  Reverse polarity protection
  On / Off slide switch
  SMA output connector
  Included mounting bracket with internal M4 thread
  Optional adapter with internal SM1 thread


  Wavelength range 400 - 1100 nm
  Peak spectral sensitivity at 850 nm
  Responsivity 0.45 A/W (650 nm)
  Signal bandwidth 14 KHz (1 MΩ feedback resistor)
  Photodiode area 5.2 mm2 (2.29 mm x 2.29 mm)


  Laser stabilization